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Integrated Palette

Haworth’s Integrated Palette stems from years of research that indicated upcoming changes in how people work, where they work, and evolving organizational cultures. By infusing our product designs using seven key design logics, and combining our human, organizational, and facility performance understanding, we created a tremendous differentiator for Haworth—a family of products that are truly more integrated, more adaptable, and more sustainable.

Technology Impacting Education

Introducing Bluescape™, the visual collaborative workspace. Work at the same time or on your own time in an always-on collaboration space, seamlessly sharing ideas, media and documents.


Infinity creates a dynamic workplace environment by providing a seemingly endless range of workplace possibilities.

Organic Workspaces

We understand that external influences—social, technological, economic, environmental, and political — shape your organization’s vision for the future. As your business drivers change, your space should evolve as well. We can help you connect your space with your organizational objectives, and transform it into a responsive and adaptable environment.


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